So here I am. This is love.

I’m here to share my love (inspiration) with the world.

What’s made me write this very first post after all these years?

The thought of my Mom.

The thought of what I want to share with her. The love that I want to give back to her. I want her to shake with inspiration!

These days its hard to find a good time to connect with my Mom by phone she lives in the US and I live in New Zealand 9,000 miles away. I hope that my work can keep her inspired from afar, I hope she feels my love.

My purpose, what I need to accomplish in this world, it’s about love it’s about inspiration. So today I’m not letting anything hold me back.

This exciting journey is happening right now.

I’ve worried about writing my first blog post for long enough. What I have to share with the world is deep and unshakable, so I better get on with it!

Waiting around for my ideas, my writing style, my grammar, to get more perfect is no longer something I’m interested in. All those things will develop over time, as they already have.

I hope these few words will inspire you today to “dance” and be free from whatever fear or story that might be holding you back.

Feel free to join me on this journey as I dissect inspiration, how to find it in ourselves and others and how to share it with the world.

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