Working, caring and playing

September 19th, 2020

I’m working full-time during the day at a job I really enjoy, with people I really enjoy, I’m pretty lucky to have such a great work-family-life-sidehustle balance.

Morning Mindset – on The Hokonui Breakfast show with Byran Vickery.

In February 2020 I became a weekly contributor on a local radio station. Each week I pop in and share a live message about mindset. The message is shared live on the radio and a video is recorded which I share on the same day (always on Facebook, sometimes other places).

I’ve committed myself to doing the weekly contributions for one year. For me, this is developing the muscle of consistency and I just really love it.

Inspiration Now

On the 7th of August 2020 I started my own half hour radio/video /podcast show. Every Friday on my lunch break I stroll on down to Access Radio Taranaki to record my show. I’m still figuring out what I’d like to be, and what time I can commit to it.

I started the show doing live video to Facebook but found this limiting and stressful. As I started adding guests it became challenging to have just one camera angle. I decided to change tack and record the show with three cameras, room, me, and the guest. This has worked out great with the exception of the long hours editing the video after the show. I really like the multi-camera videos but I don’t think I can continue making them this way at present as its not sustainable.

This Website

It’s slow to develop, so I’m just hoping to keep it simple with a style taken from